A downloadable game for Windows

Game developed for the GMTK GameJam 2019

Theme : Only One 

In One Intruder you have ONE minutes and ONE bullet to shoot the odd one out in the stage

This game is a fast plateformer so do you best to finish it quickly ;) 

Control (Xbox GamePad / Keyboard) 

Move  : Joystick / Left-Right
Jump  : A / UP
Run   : X / Shift
Shoot : B / Space 
Reset : Y / Delete

The last version add 12 Levels 

Credit : 
Asset made by Arks ( https://arks.itch.io/dungeon-platform-tileset)
Music made by Eric Skiff - Song Name - Resistor Anthems - Available at http://EricSkiff.com/music

PS : give me yours score in the comment ;) 

Uptade 0.3 : Controls has been improved and Hard mode implemented 
Thanks to the Jam feedback !!! 


One Intrude [GMKT] V0.3.zip 141 MB
One Intrude [GMKT] V0.2.zip 141 MB

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